Unveiling the iGet XXL: Your Premium Vaping Experience Awaits

In the midst of a crowded e-cigarette market, finding a reliable product can be overwhelming. Look no further, for we present the iGet XXL disposable vape, an exceptional choice that stands out from the crowd. To sweeten the deal, we offer delivery all across Australia and New Zealand with free shipping on orders over $99. Plus, we provide express delivery and an extensive selection of 29 succulent fruit and berry flavours. Let’s dive into the world of iGet XXL.

Discover the iGet XXL

End your search for a superior disposable vape pen with the iGet XXL. Its stylish design, pioneering lithium-ion battery, and formidable vapour production make it a perfect choice for any vaper. Its appealing gradient colours and streamlined design don’t just make it an e-cigarette but a stylish accessory that perfectly fits any pocket. The long-lasting 1300mAh battery ensures continuous usage until the last puff, and with a capacity for 1800 puffs, the iGet XXL guarantees a premium vaping experience.

What sets the iGet XXL apart is the ease of switching between MAX and MIN modes, offering adjustable bottom airflow for a tailor-made vaping experience. If you’re seeking a high-grade disposable vape pen, iGet XXL is the answer!

iGet XXL in a Nutshell

  • Puff Capacity: 1800 Puffs
  • Battery: 950mAh
  • Tank Capacity: 7ml

iGet Vape XXL: The High Puff Performer
iGet Vape XXL is designed for those who enjoy substantial puff capacity, with an impressive 4000 puff+ offering.

Is iGet XXL a Safe Vaping Alternative?

iGet XXL is seen as a safe choice, given its tobacco-free configuration and absence of smoke. The vapour produced includes propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavourings, offering a smooth vaping sensation devoid of tobacco smell or taste.

While the iGet XXL does require a refill every two days, and there have been reports of fluid leakage or residue in the battery compartment, the overall consensus among users is that iGet XXL is a more appealing alternative to traditional cigarettes due to its less invasive smell and absence of tobacco.

How to Use iGet Disposable Vapes Safely
iGet disposable vapes are easy and convenient to use. Here’s how:

  1. iGet disposable vapes come with cartridges filled with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.
  2. To vape, simply connect the cartridge to the device and activate the button.
  3. The device comes with two settings – low and high. While low is perfect for most, high mode provides a more robust experience.
  4. To clean the iGet disposable vape, detach the cartridge, dispose of its contents, and clean all surfaces with a cloth or paper towel.

Key Features of iGet XXL
Designed for those desiring an intense vaping experience, the iGet XXL disposable vape pen comes with:

  1. A built-in thermometer to monitor your e-liquid’s temperature.
  2. A replaceable battery for extended use.
  3. An automatic shut-off feature to conserve battery life.

Top 3 iGet XXL Flavours
With 29 unique flavours on offer, we’ve handpicked three favourites:

  1. Blue Mist: A refreshing mix of blueberries with a hint of mint – perfect for summer.
  2. Cotton Candy: A sweet delight, authentically capturing the flavour of cotton candy.
  3. Sour Patch Kids: A powerful, sour grape flavour for those seeking a strong hit in their vaping experience.

Wrapping Up

The iGet Disposable Vape provides an affordable, convenient, and pleasurable way to enjoy your favourite flavours. With a host of options in flavours and a strong commitment to customer service, iGet stands as a preferred choice for many. Have any questions or need advice? Our team is always at your service! Explore the joy of iGet today!