Unique flavors like Mint Ice, Cola Ice, and Energy Drink await your discovery.

Discover the Variety of iGet King Flavors: Your Perfect Match Awaits!
The iGet King series, proudly presented by iGet Vapes, offers an exhilarating vaping experience with a wide array of up to 30 flavors.

Featuring 1.2Ohm coils, iGet King quickly heats for dense vapor, ensuring a satisfying session.

iGet King delights flavor seekers with its vast selection. Fruit enthusiasts will love Mango Bomb and Strawberry Apple Banana; Vanilla Ice Cream caters to sweet cravings; and Mint Ice provides a cool refreshment.

iGet King Vape Capacity
Notable for a 2600-puff capacity, iGet King is a powerhouse.

Its 8.5ml e-juice and enduring battery life support extended use, varying with individual vaping styles.

Why Choose iGet King Flavors?
iGet Vapes is dedicated to authentic and invigorating flavors. The iGet King 2600 Puffs range, featuring top-quality ingredients and mesh coil technology, promises rich flavors and a smooth draw.

Top 5 Flavors of iGet King

Double Apple

  • Sweetness: ★★★★
  • Coolness: ★★★☆
  • Intensity: ★★★☆
    A delightful sweet-tart green apple flavor, ideal for daily vaping.

Smooth Tobacco

  • Sweetness: ★☆☆☆
  • Coolness: ★★☆☆
  • Intensity: ★★★★
    Enjoy a gentle, unique tobacco flavor, standing out from sweet alternatives.

Vanilla Ice Cream

  • Sweetness: ★★★★
  • Coolness: ★★★☆
  • Intensity: ★★☆☆
    Taste the creamy vanilla ice cream with a minty twist on warm days.

Lush Fruit

  • Sweetness: ★★★☆
  • Coolness: ★★★☆
  • Intensity: ★★☆☆
    A refreshing mix of watermelon and menthol for a revitalizing vape.

Strawberry Cherry

  • Sweetness: ★★★★
  • Coolness: ★★☆☆
  • Intensity: ★★☆☆
    A delightful blend of ripe strawberries and cherries, with a cool menthol finish.

Extensive Flavor Range of iGet King

Explore the vast selection of flavors, each with unique sweetness, coolness, and intensity levels: Strawberry, Berry, Grape, Mixed Fruit, and Special Flavors.

Unique flavors like Mint Ice, Cola Ice, and Energy Drink await your discovery.

Finding Your Perfect iGet King Flavor
Selecting your favorite iGet King flavor is a personal journey. Whether you prefer sweet, fruity, or cooling flavors, you’ll find an array of options.

Complete Flavor List
Experience the rich diversity of iGet King flavors in this comprehensive list: Banana Dragon Fruit, Blackberry ICE, Blueberry Blackcurrant, Blackberry Raspberry ICE, Blueberry Raspberry ICE, Cola Ice, Cool Peach, Double Apple, Energy Drink, Iced Blueberry, Iced Grape, Kiwi Grape, Lush Fruit, Lychee ICE, Mango Bomb, Mint ICE, P.P.C Ice, Papaya Banana, Passionfruit Grape ICE, Passionfruit Mango ICE, Pineapple Juice Ice, Raspberry Pomegranate, Smooth Tobacco, Strawberry Apple Banana, Strawberry Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi ICE, Strawberry Watermelon, Tropical Fruit, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Very Berry. Each flavor offers a unique vaping experience, catering to a wide range of preferences and tastes.

The ideal flavor significantly uplifts the vaping experience. The iGet King series, with its plethora of flavors, caters to every palate. Visit iGet products online to find your perfect vape flavor!