With the growth of vaping’s popularity across Australia, understanding the nuances of public vaping etiquette becomes even more crucial. The following guidelines, recommended for both newbies and veteran vapers, foster a secure and pleasant atmosphere for all.

Here’s a rundown of our fundamental public vaping tips:

  1. Prioritize Others’ Comfort

At the top of our list: always consider those around you. Vaping isn’t smoking, but not everyone might appreciate being near someone puffing out vapour.

Consider your flavour selection, too. Our store offers an array of options, from classic to exotic flavours like Fried Chicken & Milk Tea. However, in public, a subtler choice like apple may be less obtrusive.

  1. Follow Local Regulations

Regulations regarding vaping vary throughout Australia. While some areas are smoke-free, others may designate specific zones for vaping. For instance, Victoria prohibits indoor vaping. So, it’s always wise to familiarize yourself with local rules before you vape.

  1. Keep a Respectful Distance

Maintain a comfortable distance when vaping, as some might find the proximity to vapour clouds uncomfortable. Always ensure your clouds aren’t invading others’ personal space.

  1. Seek Consent Before Vaping

Obtaining consent before vaping in public can preempt any discomfort for those nearby. If declined, you can move to an unoccupied space to continue vaping responsibly outdoors.

  1. Handle Vaping Waste Correctly

Dispose of your device and its components responsibly once you’re done. Lithium-ion batteries, in particular, should be taken to a battery disposal bin or a store that accepts them to prevent environmental harm. Before throwing your vape pods into a general waste bin, ensure to clean any residual e-liquid.


  1. Avoid Blowing Vapour at People

Blowing vapour directly at someone is not only discourteous but potentially harmful. To respect others’ space, aim your clouds in the opposite direction.

  1. Refrain from Criticizing Smokers

Many vapers are ex-smokers, but it’s unkind and unproductive to be hostile towards smokers. Instead, you can inform them about the potential benefits of switching to vaping.

  1. Don’t Vape Near Children

Vaping in a car with children under 16 is not only illegal but also disrespectful. Always make sure to direct your clouds away from children.

  1. Don’t Vape in Prohibited Areas

Ensure you’re not vaping in places that forbid the use of e-cigarettes. It’s illegal to use them in smoke-free zones, indoors or outdoors. Respect the rules if a venue displays a vaping-free sign.

  1. Don’t Vape in Unventilated Spaces

Vaping in small, enclosed spaces without proper ventilation is a bad idea. If you’re in a car with passengers, ask if they mind your vaping. If they’re okay with it, keeping a window down can help disperse the vapour quickly.

  1. Don’t Vape on Public Transit

In Australia, vaping is not allowed on most forms of public transport, such as buses, trains, taxis, and rideshares. It’s also unlawful to vape in vehicles with passengers under 16. Additionally, vaping is typically banned in transit waiting areas, like airports, train stations, and bus shelters. However, some areas may have designated spaces for vaping.

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