Unraveling the Duel: iGet Bar VS iGet Legend

Calling all vape enthusiasts! Hunting for the perfect vaping device can often be a perplexing task, right? Worry no more, as we decode the specifics of two frontrunners in the iGet disposable vape arena – the iGet Bar and iGet Legend. Ponder over factors such as design, puff count, and e-liquid flavours, which can significantly transform your vaping journey. Let’s deep dive into the distinct profiles of these devices, guiding you in identifying your perfect match.

Deciphering Your iGet Choice: Which One Complements You?

Grasping the distinctions is a start, but if you’re still caught in a quandary between the iGet Bar and iGet Legend, we’re here to clear the haze. Our goal is to help you align your preference with your unique needs.

The iGet Bar, with its generous 3500 puff capacity, is a haven for those seeking potent and long-lasting flavours in a sleek casing. This feature elevates the iGet Bar to be among the most flavourful disposable vape units.

In contrast, the iGet Legend, offering a whopping 4000 puff capacity, caters to individuals who prefer simplicity in their vaping journey. Its semi-transparent, pen-like profile provides an easy check on e-liquid levels, making it a handy and portable choice.

iGet products have won the hearts of many Australian vapers, and there’s no pressure to pick just one in your first purchase. Why not give both a try? To assist your decision, we’ve curated a detailed comparison of these two offerings.

A Closer Look at iGet Bar

The iGet Bar is a luxury device that offers 3500 puffs of delectable flavours. Its trendy design caters to vapers who equally prioritize aesthetics and functionality. The iGet Bar is available in multiple options to cater to diverse preferences. With over thirty exclusive flavour choices, users can indulge in an array of delightful vaping experiences.


  • E-liquid capacity: 12ml
  • Dimensions: 41.219.594.5 mm
  • Battery: 1500 mAh
  • Puff capacity: 3500 puffs
  • An array of flavours
  • Rich fruity notes
  • Satisfying throat sensation
  • Convenient portable design

How long does an iGet Bar last?
The lifespan of an iGet Bar hinges on usage frequency. For heavy users, it can last approximately a week, while moderate users can enjoy it for two to three weeks.

iGet Bar Pricing:
Offering quality without breaking the bank, our iGet Bar disposable vape pens are priced at an affordable $33.

Top 5 iGet Bar Flavours

  1. Blueberry Ice – Immerse yourself in a blend of sweet and tart blueberries, perfect for all-day vape.
  2. Mango Ice – Experience the exotic allure of succulent mangoes that will awaken your senses.
  3. Strawberry Kiwi – A rich and creamy strawberry combo catering to dessert enthusiasts.
  4. Strawberry Watermelon – A calming mix of refreshing watermelon and berries, ideal for summer vaping.
  5. Blueberry Raspberry Ice – A lush berry fusion with a cherry finish leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Unveiling iGet Legend

The iGet Legend stands apart with a remarkable 4000 puff capacity. The device’s transparent casing allows for easy monitoring of e-liquid levels, ensuring you never run out unexpectedly. Its compact and easily portable design makes it an ideal companion for vapers on the move. With over twenty distinctive flavour options, there’s something to satisfy every palate.


  • Puff capacity: 4000 Puffs
  • Battery: 1350mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 12ml
  • Visible e-liquid window
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece

How long does an iGet Legend last?
The iGet Legend typically lasts for about 4000 puffs. Depending on your usage pattern, it can serve you anywhere between 12-20 days.

iGet Legend Pricing:
We retail genuine iGet Legend for a modest $37 each, offering an exceptional balance between quality and cost.

Top 5 iGet Legend Flavours

  1. Blueberry Raspberry Grape Ice: A delightful mix of sweet and sour iced fruits.
  2. Lush Ice: A succulent treat perfect for fruit aficionados.
  3. Peach Pineapple Lime: A tempting fusion of ripe tropical fruits.
  4. Passion Fruit Melon Ice: A delightful honeydew melon-flavoured vape.
  5. Pink Lemon Orange Ice: A pre-dinner refresher with the tanginess of orange and a tart lemon burst.

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