The iGet Legend and Other Products, Sold at the OzGunnPod Vape Shop

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iGet Legend

With an impressive 4000 puff capacity, the iGet Legend quickly made its mark on the vaping world upon release. Other features that make this device so popular include the sleek, lightweight design with a leak-resistant structure and 25 delicious flavours in the product line.

iGet GOAT 5000

When it comes to all the choices in the iGet line, it’s hard to say which one is the Greatest of All Time, but the manufacturer says it’s the GOAT 5000. This powerful vape packs 5000 puffs in 13 ml of juice with a translucent tank to let you watch your liquid vaporize in action. Change the airflow to adjust the intensity for a personalized vaping experience. Select your preferred tastes from 15 flavours, and dispose of your pen when you’re ready to move on!

iGet Bar

Coming up next in the iGet favourites is the Bar. This disposable pen boasts a 3500 puff capacity and 30 diverse, intense flavours. The Bar’s vape experience is strong, while the Legend is milder. Both will give you a smooth result, but if you want a powerful vape with rich tastes in every inhale, give the Bar a try.

iGet B5000

The newest innovation in iGet’s vaping line is the B5000, a rechargeable version of the iGet Bar. Because of the cutting-edge atomization technology, you can get up to 5000 puffs out of 10 ml of e-juice. Never worry about running your battery down because it’s easy to recharge to full power within a few hours. The design provides a soft, mild, but powerful flavour. The only true (but temporary) downside is that there are 13 flavours to choose from for now.

iGet King 2600

The iGet King comes in a more traditional pen-style design, perfect for those who want a compact, easy-to-carry disposable vape. Don’t let this little size fool you, though. The King holds 2600 puffs in an 8.5 ml tank, and each of the 20 flavours carries 6% nicotine (most disposable vape juices have 5%). If you want an intense nicotine hit, the King is your solution.

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