iGet Bar II: The Latest iGet Vape on the Market

Just when we thought iGet couldn’t possibly impress us more, the popular worldwide brand released the latest device in the vaping line: the iGet Bar II.

Officially known as the iGet B5000, this innovation is the rechargeable version of the iGet Bar. No more throwing away a perfectly good vape just because it’s empty or the battery died. Now, you can have the high-quality e-juice iGet is known for and long-lasting power, too.

What comes with the latest iGet 2023 B5000? Read on to find out!

What’s the iGet B5000?

Found at reputable iGet reseller vape shops like OzGunnPod, the iGet B5000 is the first of its kind from this manufacturer. Unlike iGet’s typical disposables, the iGet B5000 comes in a rechargeable model. The built-in battery, large 15 mL e-juice tank, and ergonomic mouthpiece offer 5000 comfortable, satisfying puffs.

Features of the iGet B5000

In keeping with iGet’s reputation for high-quality products at competitive pricing, the new pen is made from superior materials and ingredients. While enjoying your 5000 puffs, you’ll also appreciate the lightweight device (78 g) and long-lasting 500 mAh, Type-c rechargeable battery.

The design ensures your 5% (50 mg/ml) of nicotine flows smoothly with your e-juice, available in some of the favourite iGet flavours you love. At full charge, you’ll get about 200 puffs, which lasts the average user two or three days. But the tank holds 5000, so with a quick recharge, you won’t need to replace the cartridge for weeks!

Ready to quit smoking but still craving that nicotine hit? The iGet B5000 provides 5% of nicotine, similar to other iGet vape products and tobacco cigarettes.

FAQs About the iGet B5000

Our friendly staff at OzGunnPod have happily added the iGet B5000 to our extensive supply of vape devices. We’ve also heard many of the same questions from our dear customers. We’ll share them and our answers here.

  1. How long does the iGet B5000 last? Depending on your vape usage, your e-juice tank should last 12-18 days or longer.
  2. How do you use the new rechargeable vape? iGet’s instructions for the iGet B5000 are almost as simple as the disposable pens. Your new device is ready to use when you buy it. But when you’re ready to recharge it, you just need to plug it into a power source with the Type-C cable. Watch the LED light. It will flash 15-20 times when it is connected successfully. Then, when it’s fully charged, it will flash three times when you disconnect it. Allow 2-3 hours of charging time for a full charge.
  3. How often should you recharge the iGet B5000? If you don’t use the device much, you’ll find it lasts for days. However, if you charge it daily, you’ll notice that each puff is stronger because the pen is operating at full power.
  4. What ingredients does iGet use in the iGet B5000? As with other vapes, this device uses nicotine, propanediol (used in medical procedures and other e-liquids), vegetable glycerine (oil from plants), and flavouring.
  5. What flavours are available with iGet B5000? The iGet line is known for its rich, tasty flavours. They’ve released the iGet B5000 with Passion Fruit Mango Ice, Strawberry Kiwi Ice, and Watermelon Ice.

Troubleshooting the Device

In some situations, you’ll try to recharge the iGet B5000, and it won’t work. Here are a few tips to help you troubleshoot:

  • Make sure the pen isn’t broken, leaking, or has any loose parts.
  • Check the USB cord and power cord and make sure both are securely plugged into the appropriate outlets.
  • Check the power outlet and make sure it’s working.

If those still don’t work, iGet has impressive customer service ready to help you get your device up and running for free, provided you didn’t take the device apart without permission.

What’s the Difference Between the iGet Bar and the iGet B5000?

Still not sure which one you should invest in? We’ll review the differences between the iGet Bar and the iGet B5000 next.

The most obvious difference is that the Bar is disposable. You can’t add more juice or recharge the battery. You have to buy a new one, but you don’t have to deal with recharging and refilling. The B5000 is Type C cord-rechargeable.

Puff size is another difference. The iGet B5000 lasts 5000 puffs or more, and the iGet Bar provides 3500 puffs.

Looking at the price, there’s no real difference in the cost of the iGet Bar versus the B5000. Instead of choosing, check out OzGunnPod’s combo packs. You’ll get to enjoy the benefits of both. OzGunnPod is a top vape shop for online vape product sales in Australia. We ship the freshest, top-quality products to your door, so you’ll never have to run out of your favourite e-juice again!