How to Use and Refill the iGet King

The iGet brand is famous for having high-quality, easy-to-use products like the iGet King. This vaping device isn’t for the beginning user, though. It’s a sub-ohm, refillable vape providing a powerful experience.

So, when you have discerning taste and only want the best, the iGet King is what you’re looking for. This impressive 2600-puff pen offers superior quality and an efficient 1400mAh battery. Moreover, the top-fill design makes it easy to replace your e-juice, and the adjustable airflow gives you control over every inhale.

With that impressive of a puff capacity, it should be a while before your tank empties. Still, the iGet has features other vape devices don’t that can empty the juice sooner than expected. Follow these tips to get the maximum usage out of each cartridge.

Tips to Make Your iGet King Last Longer

If you’re just starting out, or you’ve used the iGet King for a while and don’t know why it’s not lasting as long as people say it should, check out these expert suggestions before your next puff.

  • The iGet King’s wattage is variable. The type of e-liquid in the tank may not match your current settings. Compare the juice to its ideal wattage and adjust your settings as necessary.
  • Check for leaks in the tank that could cause your e-liquid to spill.
  • Avoid chain vaping since it’s the fastest way to overuse the e-liquid.

The iGet King stands apart from other vapes in the product line because it is refillable. When you run out of your e-juice and are ready to replace the cartridge, take your time. These are small, delicate pieces. It’s not hard to refill your pen, but you can break the device if you aren’t careful.

Start by removing the cartridge from the battery, a simple pull-and-click step. If you have to force it, there’s something wrong. Readjust and make sure you’re in the right spot.

Then, unscrew the mouthpiece attached to the cartridge. This opens the tank so you can pour your preferred iGet e-juice into it. Only pour the liquid up to the max fill line. Don’t overfill it.

After you’ve filled the tank, replace the mouthpiece by reconnecting it to the cartridge and tightly screwing the two pieces together. Connect the cartridge to the battery and make sure everything is firmly in place before you begin vaping again.

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