A Journey through the Origins of Vaping

A Journey through the Origins of Vaping:
Many find vaping to be a superior and safer alternative to traditional smoking, providing the satisfaction without the associated risks. Given the added advantages of being more enjoyable and socially acceptable, the decision to switch to vaping appears intuitive. The question remains, who birthed this innovative idea of vaping?

Most consider vaping a ‘contemporary’ concept, but its roots extend as far back as the period preceding the Second World War. As early as the 1930s, Joseph Robinson had patented a version of an electronic cigarette. Unfortunately, his idea didn’t gain traction; it wasn’t commercialized, and no evidence suggests a prototype was even developed!

In the swing of the 1960s, Herbert A. Gilbert patented an electronic smoking device of his own. Unlike Robinson, Gilbert managed to develop prototypes. However, he, too, fell short in commercializing his invention. Prospective parties seemed to prefer waiting out the patent’s expiration before producing their versions, instead of licensing Gilbert’s design.

Vaping virtually slipped into oblivion for about twenty years until Norman Jacobsen, a doctor, introduced a commercially viable e-cigarette. This device operated not on electricity but an evaporation process. Despite its failure, it played a crucial role in coining the term ‘vape’, which has endured since then.

The 1990s saw a multitude of e-cigarettes spring up in the market. Although far from their present-day counterparts, they adopted analogous mechanisms. However, the industry’s growth was stunted due to the absence of approval from regulatory bodies like the US’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

A breakthrough came in 2003 when Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist, devised an e-cigarette that mirrors those we use today. Spurred by the loss of his father to lung cancer, Lik hoped his invention would provide a healthier choice. His inaugural product, named Ruyan (translating to ‘like smoke’), certainly lived up to its name.

By mid-2000s, e-cigarettes began making their way into Europe and other parts of the world. If one were to identify a ‘pioneer’ of the e-cig industry, it could be Hon Lik or perhaps Mr. Robinson, depending on the chosen historical depth and definition of the ‘first’ vape.

Regardless of its origin or inventor, there’s no denying that modern vapes have far outclassed their earliest prototypes. Vapes have gained enormous popularity today, and they are a brilliant option for any Australian interested in experiencing the strides this technology has made. Whether you’re nostalgic about the first vapes or wish to experiment with vaping, our extensive array of products guarantees that you’ll find exactly what you desire.